If you’re familiar with what we do at Encore Recyclers, you know you can make money selling scrap metal in Dallas. However, there’s a great piece of information you may be missing out on: with Encore, you can make money not only for yourself, but for the non-profit of your choice by setting up a recycling drive for charity.

Have you ever run or perhaps even worked for a charity? Have you volunteered for a nonprofit organization? If so, you probably know how hard it is to raise money for charity organizations, no matter how good or universally supported the cause is.

If bake sales, silent auctions, and simply asking for donations aren’t cutting it, or if you want to mix things up at your charity (or do a good deed by raising capital for a group that has helped your community), a recycling drive for charity may be your best bet.

Why a Charity Recycling Drive?

A recycling drive for charity can work wonders for any kind of nonprofit organization. There are a few reasons charity recycling drives work so well:

  • Recycling is already popular and is widely seen as a social good deed. By recycling scrap metal and raising money for charity at the same time, donors can feel great about having a doubly important impact on their community and planet.
  • Most people already have some recyclable materials they’re looking to get rid of, so doing good while completing a task they already want to do can be very attractive.
  • People who support your cause but can’t or don’t want to donate money directly can help your organization without worrying about their own financial situations.
  • Just like cash donations, recyclable donations are tax-deductible for your donors!

How Charity Recycling Drives Work for the Dallas and Fort Worth Communities

Here at Encore Recyclers, we’re committed to social responsibility. While the environmental impact of our mission might be obvious, we want to go above and beyond protecting the environment. We also know that we need to keep strong ties to the Dallas community that sustains us.

As such, we’re happy to support charity fundraising efforts in our area. If you’re interested in setting up a charity recycling drive for the organization of your choice, give us a call to go over the details. After we’ve set it up, all you need to do is let the public know, and then decide how you’ll use all the money you raise to best support our community.

Some Things to Think About When Setting Up a Recycling Drive for Charity

The biggest question you need to answer in order to set up the ideal recycling drive for your charity is as follows:

What type of material are most donors going to have on hand that they’re willing to donate to charity?

“Can drives,” where aluminum cans are gathered and sold to a recycling company on behalf of a charity organization, might be the simplest and most common type of recycling drive. Most people use at least a few aluminum cans, and don’t mind giving them away.

However, you might also want to consider putting together an electronics recycling drive with Encore Recyclers. Many Dallas and Fort Worth residents have scrappable electronics like broken or outdated computers, old phones, or radios that they don’t know how to get rid of.

In addition to helping your donors get rid of unwanted and hard-to-dispose-of items, an electronics recycling drive can be a good way to net cash for your charity. If you’re deciding whether to choose a can drive or an e-scrap drive, it’s also helpful to know that cans are bringing about 55 cents per pound as of this publication date. Most e-scrap is less than 20 cents per pound, and some is less than 5 cents per pound.

However you decide to run your charity recycling drive, we’re happy to help, and to live up to our motto:

Doing the right thing is prosperous for everyone.