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Encore Recyclers is wholly dedicated to creating progressive solutions to the essential manufacturing and recycling needs of the communities we serve. We are a Christian based family-owned and operated company and are backed by three generations of expertise in the scrap metal industry which is why we are able to consistently offer our customers the best possible prices available for their scrap material! We proudly serve the Garland community as well as the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and many other surrounding areas.
We believe in developing long-term business relationships by operating every aspect of our business with honesty and integrity! Many of these relationships have been maintained since the day the doors were first opened. We have a strong following of loyal customers which has lead to our recent expansion project! Our cost efficient and state-of-the-art facility allows us the ability to turn your scrap into its most maximum return. Our newly acquired larger warehouse facility allows us to stock more inventory and process more material in a more secure environment. This has enabled us to offer you more money for your metal!
Encore Recyclers is moving into the future with highly qualified and experienced employees that are customer-focused offering fast, friendly service every day! We devote the extra time, talent, and resources to provide our community a service that sets us apart from our competition.

Our mission is to exceed both ethically and professionally the business expectations of our customers and vendors in all areas of our business relationship.

With our experience, expertise, and innovations in handling, managing, and buying all types of metal scrap, Encore Recyclers has made a name for itself among many of our customers. We are reputed for our honesty, integrity, professionalism and friendly service to all our customers, big and small, leading to a long-term relationship with large industries as well as our small customers. The industrial and manufacturing facilities in the Garland area appreciate our environmental concerns, expertise, and experience.
Encore Recyclers strives to develop and implement tailored scrap metal recycling programs to ensure our customers are given competitive pricing, prompt service, and maximum environmental protection. We can process and market both ferrous and non-ferrous metals based on the many strategically aligned relationships we have developed throughout the scrap metal industry. And the use of modern equipment minimizes the need for expensive, non-productive traditional scrap metal handling methods.
  • State Certified Scales
  • Instant Price Quotes
  • Prompt and Efficient Service
  • Environmentally Safe Solutions
  • Technically Advanced Processing
  • Metal Recycling Programs
  • Convenient Location in Garland, Texas
  • State-of-the-Art Facility

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