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Recycling Titanium - Encore Recyclers - Garland, TX

Recycling Titanium

Like other recyclable metals, we’re happy to take titanium materials here in Garland at Encore Recyclers. However, there’s a lot people don’t know about this metal. Here’s some important (and even fun) information for all you scrappers out there.

The Uses of Titanium

Titanium is an amazing metal for several reasons, especially its durability, low weight, and extremely high melting point. It’s used in a variety of both everyday and highly specialized tools and pieces of equipment, including things like

  • Frames for eyeglasses
  • Bicycle frames and components
  • Airplane engines
  • Replacement hips
  • Ballistic armor
  • Watches and jewelry
  • Motorcycles and automotive parts

As you can see from the wide variety of uses it’s put to, titanium is quite versatile. This can also make it a valuable metal, especially if it’s clean and otherwise in good condition. It can be easy for scrappers to find, too!

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BOPA Event in Dallas - Recycling Batteries Oil Paint Antifreeze

Set Your Calendar for the November BOPA Event in Dallas

As the Dallas Sanitation Services department tells us, there are some things that simply can’t be thrown away in the trash or recycled at municipal recycling centers or paying recycling facilities like Encore Recyclers. This material is important to dispose of properly—but it’s also dangerous and difficult to work withHowever, there is a solution! The city of Garland, the city of Dallas, and Encore are all concerned with the health of our community and our environment, so we thought we’d let you know about an upcoming opportunity to dispose of some of your hazardous materials ethically and responsibly. The city of Dallas puts on BOPA collection events a few times every year, and the next one is coming right up on November 11th. Mark your calendars—it’s time to do some good in the community by getting rid of these materials the right way.

What is all this BOPA stuff, anyway?

BOPA stands for Batteries, Oil, Paint, and Antifreeze. These are fairly common materials that many Dallas residents have, but cannot be disposed of safely through the city’s usual trash collection system.

On November 11th, though, residents of Dallas County—which includes most Garland residents—may bring their BOPA materials to the BOPA Mobile, which will be at 5639 Forest Lane. Waste collection will happen on this day between 8am and 11am.

Be sure to note that BOPA includes oil filters as well as liquid oil. Oil filters are also dangerous to throw in the regular trash—but they can also be picked up for free at this upcoming collection event!

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Optimize Your Trip to the Scrap Yard - Garland, TX

Optimize Your Trip to the Scrap Yard

It’s a question we get again and again: how do you make your trip to your local Dallas recycler as easy, safe, and lucrative as possible? Everyone from people who are just starting to think about scrapping to those that have earned a living doing it is interested in saving time and making money.

Today on our blog we have a few tips from the pros here at Encore Recyclers to make your next (or even your first) trip to the scrap yard a breeze.

Making It Easy

Scrapping is always hard work. However, there are a few simple rules and tips you can follow to make the experience a good deal easier

The first is separating your metals. While we often give this tip to new scrappers to help them make the most money (because Encore and other Garland-area scrap metal recyclers can always pay more when they know exactly what they’re buying), this is also an important way to get yourself organized before setting out on your trip.

The second is packing your truck properly. We recommend buying a few bungee cords or other tie-downs and a good tarp before starting to scrap. These items are cheap and easily accessible, and can help you keep your scrap organized in your vehicle—and secure on your trip. You never want to lose time or money by having scrap fall off of your truck on the way to the yard.

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Recycling Zinc - Dallas and Garland, TX

Recycling Zinc

Zinc is one of the most often overlooked scrap metals. However, with the right know-how and a little hard work and experience, you can easily turn zinc into cash with Encore Recyclers. While you’re making money, you’ll also be helping the planet!

The State of Zinc Recycling 

Zinc is a widely-used metal. Its most common use is in treating steel through a process called galvanization, which essentially involves coating the steel with zinc. This is done to make the steel more durable, especially protecting it from the effects of environmental changes.

Zinc is also a widely-used material in many alloys (blends of different naturally occurring metals to create a new metal), most commonly in brass.

Zinc is fairly widely recycled. Somewhere around 80% of used zinc is recycled. However, that’s still much less than some other metals! Steel, for example, is virtually 100% recycled—no reusable structural steel goes to waste.

On top of this discrepancy, there’s another problem. Although 94% of structural steel is made from recycled material, only about 30% of zinc is. That means that a lot of energy is being expended on mining zinc, instead of using more environmentally friendly (and otherwise equivalent) recycled zinc.

However, new recycling technologies are making it much easier to separate zinc from other metals, so both the amount of zinc recycled and the percentage of new zinc made from recycled materials should go up soon. This change will be good for the environment and economy—and you can be a part of it!

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Fall Scrapping Season - Dallas and Garland, Texas

Fall is the Season for Scrapping

The weather is starting to get a little cooler as summer winds down—and that can mean big opportunities for your scrapping operation!

Here in Dallas, the cooler weather means the idea of spending some more time outdoors and hunting for scrap might look a little more enjoyable than it did in the summer. On top of that, there are a lot of unique fall scrapping opportunities!

Tools, Furniture, and Equipment

Many homeowners see autumn as a time to replace old lawncare equipment and outdoor furniture. Some of these homeowners may not want to haul these heavy items themselves—meaning you can be sure to get great scrap by offering a free or cheap haul-away service in your area.

Lawncare equipment such as mowers can be very lucrative, especially if you take the time to dismantle and clean them, separating the different metals out from one another. In addition to being more common during the fall, they’re a lot more fun to take apart once the temperature outside drops a few degrees!

Even outdoor furniture can be worth your while. It’s frequently very easy to disassemble, and generally has a good amount of metal weight for durability. 

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Top 5 Places to Find Copper for Recycling - Dallas, TX

Top 5 Places to Find Copper for Recycling

There’s a reason copper is one of the most frequently recycled metals at scrap facilities like Encore Recyclers. It’s pretty much the most valuable per-pound metal that you can frequently find in large quantities. However, it’s a lot easier to find if you know where to look—so here are the top five places to find scrap copper.

1. Construction and Demolition Sites

This might be the best place to find scrap copper—but it’s also the one you most often hear about people stealing copper from. Whenever you see a pile of copper—even if it’s in a Dumpster—be sure to ask the owner’s permission to take it. It’s often best to get them to sign the copper over to you, too.

One of the best ways to easily and legally get scrap copper from construction and demolition sites is to offer yourself up as a haul-away service. This is especially effective when it comes to small construction businesses, who may not have the resources to haul a lot of copper themselves.

That’s where you come in—by offering to haul away their scrap for free or very cheap, you can help a small business while also making some money yourself. You can often get other kind of scrap metal, such as steel, the same way!

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Data Security When Recycling Electronics - E-waste Recycling - Dallas, TX

Data Security When Recycling Electronics

Recycling e-waste (the industry name for electronic waste such as old computers, smartphones, and printers) is great for the environment and can be great for your wallet too. However, unlike with other forms of recycling, when it comes to e-waste you need to be conscious of data security.

Common recyclable e-waste such as laptops and phones can be full of personal information. In the area of connectivity that the internet and common digital devices have given us, privacy and security are things you absolutely have to consider.

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Consider an Aluminum Can Recycling Drive for Charity

Consider a Recycling Drive for Charity

If you’re familiar with what we do at Encore Recyclers, you know you can make money selling scrap metal in Dallas. However, there’s a great piece of information you may be missing out on: with Encore, you can make money not only for yourself, but for the non-profit of your choice by setting up a recycling drive for charity.

Have you ever run or perhaps even worked for a charity? Have you volunteered for a nonprofit organization? If so, you probably know how hard it is to raise money for charity organizations, no matter how good or universally supported the cause is.

If bake sales, silent auctions, and simply asking for donations aren’t cutting it, or if you want to mix things up at your charity (or do a good deed by raising capital for a group that has helped your community), a recycling drive for charity may be your best bet.

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Copper Recycling - Dallas, TX

Why Is Copper the Most Sought-After Metal for Recycling?

If you’ve been scrapping in Dallas for a while, you likely already know that copper is in high demand—meaning that you get more money per pound for your copper recycling than for almost anything else when it comes time to bring your materials into the yard.

Even if you aren’t yet a scrapper, you’ve likely heard at least one off-the-wall story about copper thieves stealing materials, especially copper wire. In two different cities, copper thieves actually succeeded in tearing out parts of underground power lines, leaving thousands of residents without power.

Whether you’ve been scrapping for years or you just hear about copper prices, sales, or thefts now and again, you’ve likely wondered why copper is so valuable and sought-after. We have the answers—and tips on how to recycle copper easily and legally yourself!

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How to Scrap a Refrigerator - Dallas, TX - Encore Recyclers

How to Scrap a Fridge

Scrapping a refrigerator is one of the more intricate scrapping tasks, but it can also be quite lucrative. Here are some tips regarding scrapping a fridge safely and legally.

Rule No. 1 – Don’t Cut the Refrigerant Lines

The main thing that makes recycling a refrigerator (or an air conditioner, for that matter) difficult is the presence of refrigerant chemicals such a freon. Some of these gases are very harmful to breathe, and virtually all of them are quite damaging to the ozone layer.

Because these lines are made of copper, most scrappers want to recycle them, but before they can legally be recycled, an HVAC professional with the right certification needs to drain them. If you have certification or know someone who does, you’re in luck—but if not, you may not be able to fully recycle the refrigerator without paying a professional to do this work properly.

However, there are some other valuable parts on the refrigerator! Fortunately, these parts are generally easy to access, and can still be worth quite a lot.

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