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How to Tell If You’re Getting a Fair Price for Your Scrap Metal

Although regulations and word of mouth in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the rest of Texas have rooted out most of the unethical companies in the scrap recycling industry, there are still some bad eggs out there. To best ensure that you're getting a fair price for your scrap metal, be sure to go with an official, well-regarded company. However, even the most ethical and renowned scrap dealer won't be able to give you a fair price for your scrap every time if you don't do some preparatory work. The best ways to get the fairest price for your scrap metal all involve a little bit of work on your end, but they can pay off big time.

Factors That Affect Your Scrap Metal Price

When a scrap yard like Encore Recyclers buys scrap metal or other recyclable materials from a customer like you, there are many factors that go into determining your scrap metal price. Understanding these factors can help you consistently get the most for your scrap every time, by bringing in the right amounts of the right materials, as well as preparing in various other ways.

Catalytic Converter Theft in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area

Catalytic converters are important environmental components found in every car sold today. They contain very rare, valuable metals such as platinum and rhodium. These metals consistently fetch very high prices on the recycling market because they are not only rare, but also heavily in demand—especially from the auto industry.

How to Ask for Scrap to Recycle for Cash

Most scrappers start out by getting rid of some of their own personal scrap or scrap materials from their own business or job site—but when you get bitten by the scrapping bug, you might want to bring in scrap more often. Eventually, you may come to a point where you want or need to ask for scrap from other people or even businesses. This can be an awkward interaction for many scrappers, especially at first, but it can turn a small hobby into something truly lucrative. Here are a few tips for success.

E-Waste: Why Recycle It for Free When You Can Be Paid for It?

Here in Dallas, recycling electronic waste, or e-waste, is easy to do. Recycling electronic waste (including laptops, TVs, cell phones, and similar devices) is good for the environment and for business—but not all ways to recycle e-waste are created equal. Read on to learn why recycling e-waste is the right thing to do, and how it can benefit you now as well as the environment and business in the future.

Scrapping Cars and Car Parts in Dallas

Do you have an old car you no longer need? Have you had work done to your car that's left some disused parts lying around? Getting rid of a scrap car or auto parts can be easy, and net you a bit of cash to boot, if you take them to a professional recycling center like Encore Recyclers. In addition to taking junk off your hands and getting you paid for it, recycling cars and car parts is also great for the environment. Many car parts contain rare metals, and these metals can often be recovered almost completely—which reduces the environmental impact of mining and keeps the overall supply of these metals higher.

How to Recycle AC Units In Texas

Whether it's a huge rooftop air conditioning unit for a multi-level building or a small portable AC, any kind of HVAC appliance is worth scrapping. However, there are some difficulties with this category of scrap material that stymie many new scrappers, so read on to learn the best way to recycle AC units. There are two major categories for these difficulties to fall into: legal and mechanical. Anyone can solve the legal difficulties with just a bit of time or effort, and most people can get past at least a few of the mechanical problems. Because the legal issues are a bit simpler, let's look at those first.


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