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Need a Container Delivered to Your Construction Site?

Turn the cleanup of your construction site into cash with help from Encore Recyclers in Garland, Texas.

At Encore, we work every day to make our customers happy. One of the best services we’re able to provide to our business and industrial customers is our free recycling container program. Not only can you make money for your business by selling scrap metal to Encore—we’ll come and pick it up!

How Our Recycling Container Program Works

Simply call us at 972-674-8722 and we’ll set up a time to drop off and pick up a recycling container just for you. Generally speaking, we can get one of our containers anywhere in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area within 24 hours. Ideally, we’d like to pick it up within 30 days.

Having an on-site recycling container for scrap metal can save you time and effort now, and will make some extra money for your business when we come back and pick the container up.

Types of Containers We Offer

Our smallest containers are 42″ cubes. On the other end of the spectrum, we offer 40-yard rolloff containers measuring 22’L x 7.5′ W x 6.5′ H—perfect for large construction or demolition jobs.

We have a variety of sizes in between as well. Call us at 972-272-5845 with a rough estimate of how much scrap metal you’ll have to recycle, and we’ll find a container to fit your needs. We can even fabricate new containers for special situations, although there will usually be a charge for this.

If you have a business or factory that produces significant amounts of recyclable scrap metal, we’d be happy to set a regular drop-off and pick-up schedule with you—helping keep your site clean while you make extra money!

Who Can Use Our Recycling Containers?

When you have a large amount of recyclable scrap metal at your construction site or business, we can drop off a container and pick it up for free. Our smallest containers generally measure 42″L x 42″W x 42″H. If you’ll have enough recyclable scrap metal to fill up most of that container, our service is for you!

Our most frequent recycling container customers are contractors, demolition crews, and construction companies who want an on-site container for their larger jobs. However, our recycling container service is also perfect for the following businesses:

  • Metal fabrication shops
  • Plumbers and HVAC professionals
  • Restaurant equipment repair professionals
  • Automotive and muffler repair shops (and wrecking yards too!)
  • Networking professionals who wish to recycle copper wire

Whatever your business or industrial metal recycling needs, we’re happy to work with you here at Encore.