The weather is starting to get a little cooler as summer winds down—and that can mean big opportunities for your scrapping operation!

Here in Dallas, the cooler weather means the idea of spending some more time outdoors and hunting for scrap might look a little more enjoyable than it did in the summer. On top of that, there are a lot of unique fall scrapping opportunities!

Tools, Furniture, and Equipment

Many homeowners see autumn as a time to replace old lawncare equipment and outdoor furniture. Some of these homeowners may not want to haul these heavy items themselves—meaning you can be sure to get great scrap by offering a free or cheap haul-away service in your area.

Lawncare equipment such as mowers can be very lucrative, especially if you take the time to dismantle and clean them, separating the different metals out from one another. In addition to being more common during the fall, they’re a lot more fun to take apart once the temperature outside drops a few degrees!

Even outdoor furniture can be worth your while. It’s frequently very easy to disassemble, and generally has a good amount of metal weight for durability. 

Aluminum Season

Fall is aluminum season for a lot of reasons. Homeowners often spend time cleaning their gutters and aluminum siding once the temperature drops and the leaves start falling—meaning this is when they find problems and start replacing aluminum parts.

This is another way you can make easy cash with a haul-away service. Aluminum housing materials are frequently easy to clean and store, meaning you can save them up for a big aluminum haul to Encore Recyclers.

In addition to all the aluminum from housing materials, there’s another big source: football season means tailgating, and tailgating means thousands of soda and beer cans. Whether you’re hosting a tailgate party yourself or simply taking the opportunity to clean up after the big game, making sure those cans go to the recycling instead of the trash is great for the planet and great for your wallet.

Fall Cleaning

While we most often think of spring cleaning, “fall cleaning” is also a trend that can give your scrapping business a big boost. When the weather is nice and the seasons are changing, people are simply more inspired to clean things up and start anew.

This means there will be plenty of garage sales and free listings on Craigslist that are potentially full of scrap metal. In addition, the end of the summer might be a good time for you to pick up some tools that will help you scrap more easily in the future!

While every season has its advantages and disadvantages, fall can be one of the most fun and easy times to either get started scrapping or take your scrap metal operation to the next level. Remember to be safe, have fun, and keep an eye out for good scrap at all times!