It’s a question we get again and again: how do you make your trip to your local Dallas recycler as easy, safe, and lucrative as possible? Everyone from people who are just starting to think about scrapping to those that have earned a living doing it is interested in saving time and making money.

Today on our blog we have a few tips from the pros here at Encore Recyclers to make your next (or even your first) trip to the scrap yard a breeze.

Making It Easy

Scrapping is always hard work. However, there are a few simple rules and tips you can follow to make the experience a good deal easier

The first is separating your metals. While we often give this tip to new scrappers to help them make the most money (because Encore and other Garland-area scrap metal recyclers can always pay more when they know exactly what they’re buying), this is also an important way to get yourself organized before setting out on your trip.

The second is packing your truck properly. We recommend buying a few bungee cords or other tie-downs and a good tarp before starting to scrap. These items are cheap and easily accessible, and can help you keep your scrap organized in your vehicle—and secure on your trip. You never want to lose time or money by having scrap fall off of your truck on the way to the yard.

In addition, you’ll want to find some containers for scrap. We recommend five gallon buckets for smaller materials, as they’re lightweight and easy to stack while still holding a lot of metal. For larger components, you might utilize storage tubs or crates.

Another thing that makes scrapping easier for you and for the yard is knowing the laws regarding scrapping. If it’s your first time recycling with Encore, be sure to bring a photo ID and set aside a little extra time for filling out paperwork at the yard. If you’re already a pro scrapper, don’t forget your Encore membership card.

To keep up with the latest changes to Texas scrap metal recycling laws, be sure to follow our blog—and you can give us a call with any questions you have.

Making It Safe

Staying safe is one of the most important parts of scrapping, and with the right equipment, it’s easy too! Whenever you’re gathering scrap or heading to the yard, be sure to take your protective eyewear and work gloves.

In addition, you’ll want to wear long sleeves and long pants while scrapping. While it might be hot here in Texas (even in November!), protecting your arms and legs from sharp edges is a big part of staying safe while scrapping.

Last but not least, know how to properly disassemble and lift everything you’re scrapping. Lift with your legs, not your back—and keep all the proper tools on hand to dismantle any scrap items safely and efficiently.

Making More Money

Last but certainly not least, let’s look at some ways to make each trip to the scrap yard a little more lucrative

In addition to sorting your scrap properly, you want to be sure it’s a clean as possible before bringing it in. It may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference.

Also, check the scrap markets frequently. While spot price is not the price that any recycling facility will pay you directly, knowing the motion of the market will help you figure out when it’s best to bring in your scrap, and when it’s best to hold onto it.