Can you recycle lead batteries in Texas? If so, how do you recycle them? What recycling centers accept lead batteries?

If you have questions about recycling lead batteries in Texas, this article will answer all of your questions, and give you tips for how best to go about recycling them.

Is Recycling Lead Batteries Legal and Safe?

At Encore Recyclers, we’re very concerned with following all the laws and regulations regarding recycling scrap metal, especially when it comes to hazardous materials, and we are also committed to our customers’ and employees’ safety. We also seek to be leaders in environmental concerns.

Fortunately, recycling lead batteries is very safe, legal, and environmentally friendly. This means that you’re welcome to bring lead batteries into Encore Recyclers anytime.

In fact, lead battery recycling is one of the most environmentally-friendly forms of recycling, because lead batteries can be recycled so easily. Furthermore, it takes only 35% to 40% of the energy to recycle lead, as opposed to getting it from ore.

When lead batteries are sent away for recycling, they are broken down with a hammer mill and then placed into a vat of liquid that separates the heavier lead from the lighter plastic casing. The plastic and lead are both recycled.

Even the acid used in these batteries is recycled. It can either be neutralized and turned into water, or made into sulfates, which are commonly used in the textile and glass industries, as well as in detergents.

Most new batteries contain between 60% and 80% recycled plastic and lead. This means that your old battery can be a huge part of protecting our planet.

Does Recycling Lead Batteries Pay?

You will be paid for recycling lead batteries. This pay will be based primarily on the current price of lead, as that is the material that has the highest value and makes up the most of the battery.

This means that pricing can fluctuate a bit, as with other forms of scrap. A single lead battery won’t be worth a ton of money, because the amount of lead in each battery is relatively small compared to the tons by which lead is normally sold to factories and other industrial users.

However, a lead battery can make a nice addition to a load of scrap, and you can feel good about keeping the environment safe and the battery economy moving with each battery you recycle. Furthermore, recycling a lead battery is much easier than disposing of it by any other means.

Whether you replaced an old battery in your car, or you’re a serious car hobbyist or auto shop owner, you could make yourself a bit of extra money while protecting the planet by selling your old lead batteries at Encore Recyclers.

To get the most for your batteries, make sure they are clean and not cracked or otherwise ruptured when you bring them in. Separate them from your other scrap metal as well, because the price of lead differs from the prices for steel, copper, and other commonly recycled metals.