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Dedicated to the Best Scrap Metal Recycling Experience

We’re Putting More Green in Our Customers’ Pockets

It’s our mission to exceed our customers’ and vendors’ expectations both ethically and professionally, in all areas of our business relationship. Below are just a few testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Encore Recyclers - Best Prices for Scrap Metal Recycling - Dallas, TX

“Encore Recyclers is very well maintained and operates their company with professionalism. Every time I bring my scrap there I am greeted with a smile. The guys that weigh my material and friendly and unload my material quickly.”

Mark Johnson

“I have only visited Encore Recyclers a few times when I bring my aluminum cans, but I know I will be a life-long customer simply because I have checked the prices of some of their competitors and Encore Recyclers pays more!”

Olivia Grosh