Here in Dallas, recycling electronic waste, or e-waste, is easy to do. Recycling electronic waste (including laptops, TVs, cell phones, and similar devices) is good for the environment and for business—but not all ways to recycle e-waste are created equal. Read on to learn why recycling e-waste is the right thing to do, and how it can benefit you now as well as the environment and business in the future.

Why Recycling E-Waste in Dallas-Fort Worth Matters

Recycling e-waste is good for the environment and for the economy. It keeps harmful materials that are used in the manufacture of electronics from leaching into soil and water, and also allows rare materials like gold and lithium to be reused.

The reuse of rare materials is also the major reason that recycling electronic waste is good for the economic world. Because these materials are valued highly, recovering gold, silver, lithium, or other rare elements from electronic waste is a way to keep the wheels of business turning.

In fact, it is actually far easier and more efficient to get gold and other rare metals from recycled materials than from natural deposits in the earth. According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, as much gold can be extracted from a single metric ton of old-model computers as from seventeen tons of ore.

It’s easy to see why such an efficient process would be better suited to protecting the environment and keeping the economy thriving. Furthermore, recycling does not entail the extremely high environmental or financial costs of mining—and environmental impact and monetary cost are continually dropping as new innovations in recycling are made.

How to Recycle E-Waste in Dallas and Fort Worth

There are three common ways to recycle electronic waste in Dallas, as follows:

The Best Way to Recycle E-Waste in Fort Worth and Dallas

Although there is really no wrong way to recycle e-waste, and all three of the options for recycling e-waste in Dallas will provide protection for the environment and a boost for the economy, there’s only one way to recycle e-waste that has the most value for you personally.

Recycling at local government drop-off points comes at no cost to you, but also brings no direct benefit for you. Recycling e-waste in-store at electronics or office supply stores is also free, but also most often brings no reward—occasionally, store credit of some kind will be provided for certain items.

However, recycling with a professional Dallas scrap metal recycler like Encore will result in you being paid for some of the value of your electronic waste. While bringing in your own electronic waste is not a way to “get rich quick,” it can provide a nice boost to your income—and you can make more money or raise funds for charities or organizations by gathering recyclable e-waste in your spare time, or offering to take e-waste to a recycling facility for others.

Although your first time recycling e-waste or any other scrap with Encore will take a bit longer than dropping things off at a government site or store due to recycling registration required by law in order to prevent theft, every time thereafter will be just as quick and easy as recycling any other way—and it’s the only way you can be fairly compensated for the value of your scrap.