Dallas scrap metal recycling facilities offer huge benefits for small businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. No matter what kind of business you own, you probably have some recyclable scrap metal—meaning you can make some extra money while improving the environment.

Dallas Aluminum Can Recycling

Aluminum can recycling is often the simplest and fastest of the many recycling services offered at Encore. Whether you’re a restaurant or bar owner who goes through thousands of cans a day, or you’d just like to get a bit of extra money for the cans employees use in the break room, recycling aluminum cans is a great way to make extra money for your business quickly.

Scrap Metal Recycling for Dallas and Fort Worth Industrial Businesses

Do you own or work for a manufacturing, construction, or demolition business? Because heavy industries like these use the most metal, they also produce the most scrap metal—meaning that you could be sitting on a pile of cash in the form of recyclable scrap metal.

For example, construction businesses often have scraps of aluminum siding, structural aluminum or stainless steel, and aluminum window frames left over after a job. Machine shops and demolition crews often have access to extra sheet metal. Roofers often have extra sheet metal as well. All of this recyclable scrap metal can be turned into cash that can be reinvested into your business and your community. Encore Recyclers can deliver a container to your site, usually within 24 hours, and pick it up… all at no cost to you.

In addition to making money directly by selling scrap metal to Dallas scrap metal recyclers like Encore, you’ll gain some more indirect benefits as well.

Recycling benefits us all because it improves our environment—and that includes your business! Also, recycling scrap metal makes your business appear more ethical and eco-friendly to customers. Although this won’t affect every single customer’s decision to buy from or hire your business, it can only have a positive effect on the decisions it does influence—especially if you publicize your dedication to being environmentally responsible.

One of our mottoes here at Encore scrap metal recyclers is “Doing the right thing is prosperous for everyone.” Recycling Dallas-Fort Worth scrap metal is a perfect way to benefit your community, your planet, and your budget—all at the same time.

Dallas Scrap Metal Recyclers’ Benefits for Other Businesses

If you don’t own or work at a business in the heavy industry sector or use a lot of aluminum cans at your facility, you might think you don’t have much recyclable scrap metal. However, most businesses produce at least some scrap metal, and can improve the planet while making extra money simply by selling it to a responsible Dallas scrap metal recycler.

For example, plumbers and HVAC professionals almost always have scrap copper piping on hand. Copper is also available in wiring used by communications and IT professionals—and is even left over in some office buildings!

In addition, Encore Recyclers recycles e-waste as well. E-waste consists of scrap parts of electronics such as computers, DVD players, cell phones, and some specialized electronic equipment. Next time you invest in a major tech upgrade for your business, protect the planet and recoup some of your investment by recycling your old technology right here in Dallas.

How to Get the Best Scrap Metal Recycling Benefits (For Your Business and For Your Planet)

When it comes to recycling scrap metal and e-waste, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Putting in a little extra effort will better protect the planet and net more cash for you.

Whenever you bring recyclable scrap metal or e-waste to a Dallas metal recycling business, please be sure everything you intend to recycle is clean—completely or almost completely free of dirt and other debris. This helps keep our recycling machines intact and our employees safe.

Also, please separate your recyclable metals before bringing them into the facility. Although we can separate your metals for you, we can pay you more if you’ve put in this work in advance.

Being sure metal is clean and properly sorted before recycling makes the planet safer by reducing the environmental impact of the recycling process itself, and by helping recycling centers keep processing recyclable materials.