Recycling magnesium in Dallas might seem difficult at first, but it’s actually quite easy once you have the right information. It can be very profitable as well!

Recycling magnesium is also very important for protecting the environment. It is one of the most recyclable metals, and recycling a material containing magnesium alloy (a metal compound made with magnesium) uses only 5% of the energy it would cost to produce new magnesium alloys.

Because magnesium is a widely used material in die-casting, even for structural purposes, it is important that scrap magnesium does not go to waste. Industries that use magnesium do a lot of work to encourage recycling, and many manufacturers that use magnesium actually recycle it themselves.

All of this is good for the environment, but recycling magnesium can also be good for you.

We do not accept magnesium chips for recycling, as they have been known to spontaneously catch fire.