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Recycling Auto Parts

Recycling Auto Parts

Whether you need to get rid of an old part you replaced yourself, you own an auto shop, or you simply want to know what happens after you take an entire car to your local scrap yard, here’s a bit of information about what auto parts can be recycled and what can’t.

Old Oil (and Filters, Too!)

The oil change might just be the most common task that amateur home mechanics do themselves rather than taking to the shop. While many people just dump the old oil out, that’s not the most environmentally responsible thing to do.

You won’t get paid for old oil and filters at most scrap yards, but taking them to your local auto parts store can be a great way to ensure they’re reused, or at least disposed of properly. Keep in mind that Texas has banned the practice of accepting used oil filters into landfills. If you take these filters to an auto parts store, oil that’s been through your car can actually be purified and used again in many cases! Some auto stores even run discounts or loyalty programs for recycling oil.

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Sell a Catalytic Converter - Dallas, TX

Catalytic Converter Theft in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area

Catalytic converters are important environmental components found in every car sold today. They contain very rare, valuable metals such as platinum and rhodium. These metals consistently fetch very high prices on the recycling market because they are not only rare, but also heavily in demand—especially from the auto industry.

This means that stripping and scrapping an old car you legally own can be more lucrative than selling it as a complete vehicle. It also means that the auto industry can continue to acquire these rare metals at more affordable rates, and therefore continue to turn a profit without drastically raising car prices.

However, it also means that thousands of people in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the rest of the country (and the world) have their catalytic converters stolen almost every single day. Here are some tips for protecting yourself from this type of theft, and for selling a catalytic converter you legally own.

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